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Est. 1952

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This section of the website profiles most of the current major Club events. You will note a constant theme throughout these summaries; volunteers are at the heart of the success of all of these events. The Club promotes safe shooting sports in a quality environment, and this cannot happen without the dedication of members not only to join each year, but also to contribute time toward the care, maintenance, and operation of virtually all Club events. Consider what you might be able to do to assist in the provision of a league, join in during a maintenance day on the Club grounds, be a volunteer at Sight-In Days, or help with a fundraiser. A Club membership roster of almost 650 members speaks well of what the De Pere Sportsmen's Club has to offer. It also puts additional pressures on the facility as the result of the increased use.

Dues are an expression of support for the Club, and a requirement to join in many of the organized league activities. Dues do not cover the cost of operation of all of the facilities or support the efforts of the Club’s mission throughout the community. The events and fundraisers listed here are a great opportunity to further support the efforts of De Pere Sportsmen's Club in meeting the needs of a growing and vital organization. Please consider how you can help out. The Club is currently made up of almost 650 members, and if everyone helps a little it goes a long way toward meeting the demands of the high use the Club grounds experience.

Talk with a Board member or long-timer if you are looking for a way to find out more. Your volunteer efforts are not only much appreciated, but the future success of the De Pere Sportsmen's Club depends on your assistance in this area of service.

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