De Pere Sportsmen's Club

Est. 1952


Trap Representatives:
Brett Junio

Adam Prokash

The trap facilities at De Pere Sportsmen’s Club include three modern trap ranges against a backdrop of hill and woods. It is not uncommon to see deer moving and grazing through the woods in the evening, even as members are shooting at clays. They just seem to know that they have nothing to fear up on the hill.

Traps #1 and #2 are used primarily for league shooting and special events, while Trap #3 is used for open shooting and practice, and an occasional shoot-off when the additional distance is needed. Trap #3 is available to shooters for practice on league nights from 6:30 to 9:00 PM. New concrete lanes and walkways have been installed during the summer of 2010, the result of successful fundraisers conducted by club volunteers.

Experienced members are always available to assist new shooters in learning the game, and new visitors should check in at the clubhouse to get linked up with a coach. This range is also used for introduction to trap shooting with Hunters Safety classes.

Shot size is limited to #7 1/2-8, except for the pattern board on the left of Trap #1. Please observe the safety rules of the club which prohibit solid(rifle, pistol, or slug) ammunition on the trap range, or at any location outside of the rifle range. Please alos do your part to keep the grounds clean; always pick up your empties when shooting has concluded.

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