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Action Pistol Participant Info

Action Pistol Representatives:
Joe Kummerer

Brian Cisler Lefebvre


The league is intended as a practice league for all types of action pistol shooting, IDPA, and IPSC. Everyone is welcome to shoot regardless of club affiliation and does not need to be a DePere Sportsmen's club member but would be welcomed to join if interested.


Overall we will generally use IDPA rules for safety, gun-handling rules and target scoring (simpler than IPSC). Please take the time to go thru the IDPA rule book (see link below). Scoring will be the honor system, and those who do not wish to have their scores published do not have to. If you would prefer to use only your first name, or an alias, that is fine as well. Scores will initially be emailed to the distribution list, and eventually posted on the club web site.


The league will shoot every Tuesday, starting the first week of April and running thru mid-September. Shooting will start at 4:30pm.


There are two groups of shooters, those that do/may compete in their respective disciplines and those that just want to shoot. For the competitors, and those that think they may want to, it is up to the individual shooters to make sure that their equipment meets the requirements of their disciplines. For those that want to just shoot, here is the basic equipment:

  • Good quality firearm - Center fire revolver with at least 3 speed loaders or Semi- Automatic with at least 3 magazines.
  • We will try to accommodate .22 rim-fire for each event – no holster is needed as we will shoot from low ready.
  • Strong side belt holster (no cross-draw, shoulder, ankle, etc) , again no cross draw. See RESOURCES below.
  • 2 Magazine/speed loader pouches (I'd recommend at least three)
  • Stiff Belt at least 1 1/2" wide or wider if your holster/pouches will accept it.
  • Eye protection (mandatory)
  • Hearing protection (mandatory)

I also recommend:

  • Hat
  • High-necked shirts or tops
  • Pants, not shorts
  • No hoodies or baggie clothes that could impede drawing from a holster
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Repellant
  • Rain gear (we shoot regardless of weather)
  • Minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition, but more is better.


Starting first week of April at 4:00pm, check-in and pay range fees:

  • $10 members and/or Safety Officers
  • $15 non-members

From this point onward, eye and ear protection is mandatory. There will be a "gear-up" station where you can put on your gear and load magazines (pistols unloaded and cased) and then onto the"gun-up" or safety area where the pistol is uncased, still unloaded, is holstered.


Not in pockets, not in any magazine/speed loaders that you may be carrying. From there proceed to the firing line. At each stage, the course of fire will be explained. Once on the firing line the shooter will be asked if they understand the course of fire. Upon the affirmative, the shooter will be told to "Load and Make Ready", the shooter will withdraw their pistol, load, and then hold in a"Low Ready" position until instructed to "Holster Safe" placing on the firearm's safety (if applicable). The shooter will be given a "Shooter Ready?" call and the timer starts. To start with we will use a 3-second delay. Once the buzzer sounds, the shooter may draw and shoot the course of fire. After the last shot, the shooter will take a "Low Ready" position until told to "Unload" (remove magazine) and if the slide is closed, the slide should be locked back and visually checked for being unloaded. Then the command to "Slide Forward and Hammer down" is given, the slide is released and trigger is pulled to verify the firearm is empty. Finally the command to "Holster Safe". One the command "Line Safe" is given you may police your gear and tape targets.

The above is a generalization of the commands and there may be slight variations based on the stage/firearm/safety officer but the basic goal is safety.


We are operating a "cold range" which means that all firearms are unloaded and holstered at ALL times until directed by a safety officer on the firing line. Muzzle discipline will be strictly enforced. Each stage will have defined"muzzle safe points" where the muzzle must be kept inside. Finger/trigger discipline will be strictly enforced (finger not on trigger until sights on target)


IDPA rules at
IPSC rules at

If you know of anyone that would like to be added to the mailing list regardless of club affiliation please drop a note to

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